Shave Ice


Closed temporarily for the Season

We look forward to seeing you all again next Spring at 1385 Oakway Rd.

Shave Ice
Shave Ice
Shave Ice

Bringing Sweets to the Streets of Eugene and Beyond

Who doesn’t love shave ice and lemonade? SweetBay is locally owned and operated. We offer fat-free, gluten-free and 100% pure cane sugar shave ice and designer drink creations. 

What sets us apart is our awesome combos, toppings, and constantly evolving fun and unique flavors! Sugar-free (monk fruit is a natural substitute) and dye-free options are also available! Our service-ware is biodegradable, as well.

You can find us in park locations throughout the summer and at many local and regional events! You can also hire us to come to your office or event – we do everything from weddings to festivals, corporate picnics to fairs.

Our multiple Sweet Carts are equipped to serve groups of any size. We prefer an electric outlet, but we can be 100% self-contained without the need for water or electricity. Our cart is safe, clean and fully licensed/insured.

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shave ice and designer lemonade

Made with
100% Cane Sugar

Gluten Free

Fat Free

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Sugar-Free Options

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Designer Lemonade
(Lemonade + Pick Your Flavor)

TOPPINGS (+$0.50)

Snow Cap (Sweet Cream)
• Li Hing Mui Powder
• Sour Spray


• Organic Bone Broth With Treats
$1 from every sale is donated to Lucky Paws

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Why Shave Ice?

Experience the taste of the Islands in your own backyard! Shave Ice is not a Snow Cone! We use a special ice shaving machine that results in a light, feather-like, fluffy shave ice. Your treat is crafted in our bio-degradable bowls and we offer two sizes – regular and large! But don’t worry…even our large is a healthier option than ice cream!

Our syrups are homemade with the best ingredients and most of our customers will tell you that you should top your shave ice with delectable sweet cream (snow cap) for a truly amazing treat sensation!

From the very first spoonful of SweetBay’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, you’ll be hooked! We love seeing the smiles on our friend and customer’s faces as they take their first taste and then come back again and again to try more and more flavor combinations! Which one’s your favorite?

Designer Drinks? Yes, Please!

We have other refreshing drinks including designer lemonades, and NEW Bubble Tea. These are all delicious, really, on any hot day. All of these drinks can be made even better with any of our delectable flavors.

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Our Location:


1385 Oakway Rd.

Closed for the season
See you Spring 2022!



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