Sweet Bay Shaved Ice Eugene

Oregon, Get your shave ice on!

🌺 We are located inside of the Beergarden food court. Why Beergarden? Because, for the fall/winter, this location provides outdoor coverage and heaters! This family-friendly place offers a wide variety of food options that the whole family can enjoy.

🌺 We are now serving bubble tea!

🌺 We will be back to Wesley/Oakway Rd Spring 2021

🌺 We strive to post our upcoming schedule in advance for special events and happenings. We have the ability to be set up in multiple locations at the same time, so feel free to send us suggestions of where you’d like to see us (or better yet, send that venue the suggestion!)

🌺 If you would like to book us on an open day for a private event, click here.

*If inclement weather happens, we may close early or for the day. Until 4J school ends, we may not be open every day.

Eugene: Beergarden

12:00pm – 7:00pm 

We are located in the Eugene Beergarden. 

Please review our safety rules before visiting the cart. Thank you!

We are NOT accepting cash at this time (exact change is okay). We are accepting all credit cards including pre-paid Visas, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc. We ask that you please maintain six feet of distance from other customers at all times. If possible, send one member of the family/group to the order window at a time. Please do not touch or hang on the countertop. We have installed plexi glass on our window, and our employees wear masks and gloves at all times. 

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    Our Location:

    Eugene: Beergarden

    12:00pm - 7:00pm 

    We are located in the Eugene Beergarden.